In 1993, our founder, John, and his brother were working for a major grocery store. His brother happened to notice the number of cash register printer ribbons that the store would go through on a daily basis. There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 discarded per day, per store. The ribbons were just thrown in the trash, and he wondered if there might be a way to take those ribbons and re-ink them for repeated use. 


Although his brother moved on to other ventures, John began to research a way to re-ink the ribbons in the most efficient way possible. He built a machine that would do the job and eject the ribbon when done. With that, Capitol Ribbon Recycling was born.


Soon after the company was founded, a lot of larger companies had begun to move away from the use of printer ribbons, and had started using laser printers. As he went from business to business, introducing himself and offering our services, he was asked by a prospective customer whether or not we could recycle a laser cartridge. He said that he would find out, and another round of research began.


This was our first sale of a toner cartridge, and we slowly evolved into a supplier of all imaging supplies. We offer toner cartridges, inkjets and ink tanks, thermal ribbons, solid ink sticks and everything in between. Rest assured, our quality is always guaranteed.